Rebranding the Tablet Launch Screen

You must create your own launch screen for the app, which must include the Baron Services logo (specifically, the “Powered By” variation that we have provided) at the lower center of the screen. Our logo must have a width of 436 pixels and a height of 138 pixels at xhdpi resolution. The top of the logo should line up with the 1840th vertical pixel on the portrait orientation and the 1348th pixel on the landscape orientation (at xhdpi resolution), and be centered horizontally. The logos must maintain their transparency and may not be overlaid onto a solid background.

Two versions of the logo have been provided: a standard version for lighter backgrounds and an inverted version for darker backgrounds. If you create a background that does not provide sufficient visibility of our logo, we will work with you to find a solution that simultaneously maintains the visual integrity of your launch screen design and our logo.

Ldpi versions of the launch screen should be provided for both landscape (2:1) and portrait (3:4) (864 x 432 (landscape) 432 x 576 (portrait)). When designing the landscape version, keep in mind that the edges of the artwork will be cut off. You should keep all text and logo artwork near the center of the splash screen to avoid clipping.

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